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The most intense scenario paintball team in the Ft.Lauderdale. Tons of experience and fun is what we are all about! We don't give a sheet about trophies or awards. We leave that up to the brown nosing mega teams, you know who you are! You can find Team Smite all over the field all you have to do is go to the front lines. We are fearless in battle and are probably shot out more then any other team, because we leave the base watching to the trophy hounds. We don't run missions because we are undisciplined and can't run from a fight. You don't have to like us, hell, you don't have to respect us, but you do have to deal with us. We don't care about your stupid paintball stories and we really don't care about all the "famous" paintball dorks you know or play with. We have done it all, tanks, helicopters, missions, Generaling, special character rolls, winning and losing. Bottom line we come for the fight! If you don't like what you are reading, then PISS OFF
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